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    Steel Channel № 14U


    • Size: № 14У mm
    • Kg/m: 12.5
    • Type: У
    • Steel: ст.3
    • Length, m: 12

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    In stock: Kyiv, Lebedinska str., 4 Road map В наявності на складі: Васильків, вул. Володимирська, 53 Road map В наявності на складі: Обухів, вул. Каштанова, 21Б Road map В наявності на складі: с. Білогородка, вул. Володимирська, 188А Road map

    Rolled steel products in Kyiv

    Sales: (044) 290-39-55 Відділ інтернет продажів: (066) 436-68-76

    Store and office:

    м. Київ, вул. Лебединська, 4

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    Buy steel Channel № 14U in Kyiv warehouse

    Steel Channel № 14U in Kiev available at the metal warehouse TD Slavsant. To get the best price offer on steel c-channel per meter and per ton, contact our sales department. We will provide fast loading with krane without queues, cutting and delivery.

    The main areas of application of Steel Channel № 14U:

    1. Construction: as load-bearing, support and reinforcing structures,
    2. Mechanical engineering, manufacturing of body parts and equipment frames,
    3. Furniture manufacturing,
    4. Construction of metal structures.

    Service metal center TD Slavsant

    • Loading by crane without queues;
    • Cutting to size;
    • Delivery by own transport;
    • Any type of payment.

    Make an order on the website, and our sales manager will call you back to clarify the details of the order.

    Steel Channel № 14U
    Shelf height140 mm
    Shelf width58 mm
    Wall thickness4,8 mm
    Shelf thickness8,1 мм
    Steel grade:st3ps5
    Rod length:12 m
    Weight of 1 meter:12.5
    Meters in 1 ton:80
    Country of Origin:Ukraine

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