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    Metal products and rolled metal products are used in all branches of construction. They are necessary when creating walls, floors, staircases, elevator shafts and other works. Almost 80% of the names of rolled metal products are used in construction, so the main types of products that are in the greatest demand can be noted.

    The most common type of rolled metal is reinforcement bar. It is used in concrete structures to give them greater strength. When working with concrete, it is required to make a metal frame from corrugated reinforcement, into which concrete will then be poured. The metal frame is obtained by tying horizontal reinforcing bars with vertical bars, while maintaining a certain gap between them.

    In the construction industry, other metal products are also widely used: beams, corners, channels. Beams are used as a reinforcing element in the construction of bridges, floors, power line supports, overhead tracks. An I-beam metal beam performs the function of connecting floors with column structures.

    Wire is also a very popular type of rolled metal, which is used as a fastening material, as well as a basis for the production of various types of nets, for example, chain-link nets. This type of metal mesh, which is obtained by a special weaving method, is indispensable for wall decoration, as well as as a reinforcing layer when arranging flat roofs. For the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, a special reinforcing mesh is often used, which has different mesh sizes. In the construction of buildings and structures made of bricks, the main reinforcing element is a welded mesh.

    For construction companies “Trading House Slavsant” offers a full service for the supply of ferrous metal products. Our assortment includes all metal items in stock, products are stored in covered warehouses to prevent corrosion. We will ensure the delivery of rolled metal by our own transport.

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