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    Dealer network

    We build a dealer network

    If your company is engaged in the sale of rolled metal products on the territory of Ukraine, then TD “Slavsant” invites you to become our dealer. Having sush suppliers as metallurgical plants “Slavsant” and “Dives”, as well as a full range of metal products in its warehouses, our company will become a reliable supplier for your business.

    Why is it important to become a dealer?

    Today, in the metal trading market in Ukraine, the main positions are occupied by network companies, that is, large metal traders with an extensive network of metal warehouses. These companies impose tough price competition on the market due to their volumes and built relationships with metallurgical plants. Therefore, regional metal traders found themselves in a difficult situation. That is why the company TD “Slavsant” is ready to become a reliable partner without intermediaries between the plant and you. The most favorable prices of the manufacturer’s plant, a full range of metal products and convenient logistics – that’s what will interest you.

    Together we will become stronger! To start cooperation and discuss the conditions, fill out the application at the bottom of the page.

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