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    Steel structures

    Any parts and products made of metal components are called metal structures. The manufacture of metal structures is widespread in construction, since such products are used almost everywhere: when creating various mechanisms, machine tools, prefabricated buildings, structures related to capital construction, etc.

    In mechanical engineering, metal structures are usually called parts made from profiled blanks. In the construction industry, the same term is used to refer to load-bearing metal elements.

    Steel structures can consist of various parts, including:

    • Profiled tubes, T-beams and I-beams, channels, corners, etc .;
    • Sheet metal;
    • Beams with a corrugated or flexible wall;
    • Cold-formed welded profiles, etc.

    In recent years, pre-fabricated metal structures have become widespread. Such options have a large list of advantages. They are quickly manufactured, easily assembled, serve for a long time, without requiring large operating costs. And one more advantage is the reasonable price for such metal structures. They are used in the construction of hangars, garages, car services, sports and industrial facilities.

    For companies working in the production of metal structures, the Slavsant Trading House company offers a full service for the supply of ferrous metal products. Our assortment includes all metal items in stock, products are stored in covered warehouses to prevent corrosion. We will ensure the delivery of rolled metal by our own transport.

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