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    Pipe works “Slavsant”

    The main partner of the company is the Slavsant pipe works, whose production facilities are located in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. The plant was built in 1992 and became the first joint venture in Ukraine with international investments, producing pipe products.


    Production process is based on modern technologies with use of the last achievements of domestic and world science. Today “Slavsant” is one the largest manufacturers of electro-welded tubes in Ukraine.


    In 2008 “Slavsant” hits the top ten of the best manufacturers of tube products in Ukraine on the basis of results of National Business Ranking and was acclaimed as a leader in this field.

    Dives plant

    Another plant-partner for TD “Slavsant” is “Dives”.

    Dives, Kryvyi Rih, is one of the largest producers of various types of wire and rolled wire rod in Ukraine. Created in January 2007. The plant’s capacities allow to process thousands of tons of wire rod annually. Most of the products manufactured are sold through network metal trading companies, both in Ukraine and abroad.


    “Dives” is one of the largest consumers and processors of wire rod from “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” company. It processes wire rod into building wire, knitting heat-treated wire and rolled steel bar.

    International partners

    Another strong point is partnership with leading metallurgical plants in Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Poland and Moldova. Partnership with these factories makes it possible to supply our customers with a full range of certified rolled metal products from wire and steel rebar to beams and channels.

    Expansion of the dealer network

    The Slavsant Trading House company offers cooperation to dealers for the sale of rolled metal products.

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