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    Steel construction rebar – sale with a guarantee of availability in a warehouse. Exact weight, cutting and delivery – Trade House Slavsant

    Choosing a supplier of steel rebar for construction is a very important decision for a successful project. The Slavsant trading house is a service metal center in Kyiv with covered warehouses for storing products. Direct contracts with manufacturing plants allow us to keep a full range of rolled metal products in stock at the best prices. Trade House Slavsant is your reliable partner.

    The entire range of rolled metal products is always available

    Products are stored in covered warehouses, this prevents corrosion

    We will provide loading in time and delivery by any type of transport

    Any payment method, cash and bank transfer

    Order metal

    Leave your contact phone number and we will contact you to clarify the details of the order

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      The whole range of rebar

      Theoretical weight Size
      Rebar 8 mm 0.43 8 Quick order
      Rebar 10 mm 0.65 10 Quick order
      Rebar 12 mm 0.93 12 Quick order
      Rebar 14 mm 1.27 14 Quick order
      Rebar 16 mm 1.65 16 Quick order
      Rebar 18 mm 2.09 18 Quick order
      Rebar 20 mm 2.58 20 Quick order
      Rebar 22 mm 3.12 22 Quick order
      Rebar 25 mm 4.03 25 Quick order
      Rebar 28 mm 5.05 28 Quick order
      Rebar 32 mm 6.59 32 Quick order

      Applications of steel rebar

      Steel construction reinforcement bar is used: in construction for the reinforcement of concrete structures, such as foundation and monolithic frame of  buildings, in the production of reinforced concrete products. Rebar is also used for the manufacturing of structures (reinforcing mesh sheets), fences, gratings.

      Trading house Slavsant offers to buy rebar in Kyiv at the best prices from our  warehouse. We will cut the rebar to the required size and arrange delivery by any type of transport to your facility. We offer a professional service for the sale of steel rebar for each market segment:

      The service metal center Trade House Slavsant sells in Kyiv full range of steel construction reinforcement bar class A3 A500 / S500, with a profile size from 8 to 40 mm. You can buy rebar in Kyiv at the TD Slavsant metal warehouse. We supply reinforcing bars directly from the largest metallurgical plants, what allows us to guarantee our customers the lowest prices, a full range, and shipment as soon as possible in any volume.