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    Wire rod

    Steel wire rod – sale in Kyiv with a guarantee of availability in a warehouse. Exact weight, cutting and delivery – Trade House Slavsant

    Service metal center TD Slavsant offers Steel wire rod from the manufacturer. To make an order contact our sales department, where you will be provided with detailed information, prices, terms of sale and the possibility of delivery to your region. We can cut the products to the size you need.

    The entire range of rolled metal products is always available

    Products are stored in covered warehouses, this prevents corrosion

    We will provide loading in time and delivery by any type of transport

    Any payment method, cash and bank transfer

    Order metal

    Leave your contact phone number and we will contact you to clarify the details of the order

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      Whole range of Steel wire rod

      Theoretical weight Size
      Wire rod 5,5 st 1006 5,5 Quick order
      Wire rod 5,5 st 3PS 5,5 Quick order
      Wire rod 6,5 st 1006 6,5 Quick order
      Wire rod 8 mm 8 Quick order
      Wire rod 10 mm 10 Quick order

      Buy wire rod in Kyiv at the metal warehouse TD Slavsant at the best prices with delivery to the object. Rolled metal products are stored in a covered warehouse, we will provide fast shipment and delivery by any type of transport, including railway. Any volume of steel wire rod in a full range from direct suppliers of rolled metal products. Comprehensive metal supply service for any market segment:

      Wire rod is a round steel wire. Its diameter can be from 5.5 mm to 14 mm. It is made from carbon steel by drawing a workpiece through shafts.

      Wire rod production is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 30136-95. TU for carbon steel wire rod are regulated by DSTU 2770-94 (GOST 30136-95) (international standard ISO 8457 / 1-89).

      There are several types of wire rod – alloy, welding, spring, galvanized.

      Wire rod is used for the manufacture of wire and welding electrodes, it is also used as reinforcement in the production of reinforced concrete products. It also serves as a raw material for the production of wires and steel cables. Among the main physical characteristics of wire rod are plasticity and deformation ability.